Protect Your Family.
Protect Your Land.

Hitting a pipeline or underground utility line can impact your family for generations.

Don’t take your chances when working near underground pipelines and utilities.

Always Contact 811

Rancher Safety

Ranching accidents involving pipelines and utilities occur nearly 3 times every day.

Keep safety top of mind by always contacting 811 and verifying the location and depth of underground pipelines and utilities before starting any digging projects on your ranch. It’s FREE, easy, quick and it can save your life.

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Four Steps To
Ranching Safe

Near Pipelines and Underground Utilities

  • Contact or Click 811 Before Agricultural Excavation Activities
  • Wait for Operators to Mark Lines in your Area
  • Dig with Hand-Digging or Vacuum-Digging Tools near the Line & backfill properly
  • Notify Operator of Damage; Call 911 for Emergencies

Protect Your Land.
Protect Your Legacy.

Pipelines can be located 12 inches or less below the surface and depth can change over time due to erosion, land use, subsoil activities, land contouring and other factors.

Don’t assume the location or depth of underground lines. Protect your land and your legacy by always contacting 811 to have lines marked.

“Farmer to Farmer, I recommend you call 811”

Listen to this farmer talk about the importance of CONTACTING 811 to have lines marked prior to digging.

Keep Safety Top Of Mind

  • Always contact 811
  • Ask for a planning ticket to discuss your project
  • Wait until lines are marked to start work
  • Move dirt with care
  • Notify operator if you dent, scrape or hit a line

Case Studies

Farming accidents involving pipelines and utilities occur nearly 3 times every day. These case studies demonstrate how accidents happen and the consequences of hitting a line.

Protect yourself, your employees, your land and your life by contacting 811 before you dig.

Take The 811 Pledge

Join the Movement by Taking the Pledge. Hitting a pipeline can impact your family for generations.

Don’t take that chance! Contacting 811 is fast, easy and FREE!

I Pledge To:

  • Always contact 811 and wait for lines to be marked before starting any agricultural excavation projects. 

  • Stop work on any agricultural excavation project if  do not see temporary pipeline and utility markings.

  • Become an advocate for the cause. To lead by example and spread the message to friends and family.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the pledge to always contact 811 before starting any agricultural excavation projects. No Exceptions. Taking the pledge is simply the beginning. Take the next steps and help us spread the word.

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